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About Us
About Us is owned and run by the Hildreth family, mom Kim and her two daughters, Linzy and Delaney. Kim was inspired to create this business in 2003 as a single parent struggling to raise teenagers in a scary world. 

Kim Hildreth was Director of Marketing & Client Relations for a clinical laboratory in Dallas for nearly 20 years. In the 90's, before Linzy and Delaney were teenagers, she sold the same types of tests sold on this site (then only available to businesses). "I was always having a nurse or office person ask for 'samples' because of a problem teenager," she says. "It drove me crazy back then that I couldn't offer them to parents. It seemed so logical. We had a huge problem with high school heroin deaths, and the parents were crazy with worry. After I left the lab, I still had a box of the tests that I started using when Linzy was about 14. 

The web site was initially Linzy's idea. At 17, she was devastated when her best friend started using meth heavily and spending time with a wild crowd. Linzy was afraid to tell her friends mother, knowing that her mom wouldn't want to believe the hard truth. Their friendship ended as a result. Meanwhile, she had seen drug abuse hurt other friends and acquaintances, and even knew kids who died as a direct result of drug and alcohol abuse. She wanted to offer parents the same drug tests that had helped her stay off drugs. Her mother loved the idea, and this web site was created.

Delaney Hildreth brings an important perspective to this trio. She started using cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs at 12. Her mom had already started testing Linzy, but didn't think she needed to test young Delaney. "It took me months to catch on," says Kim. "I just never dreamed. I thought she was too young and innocent." But Kim did catch on and started testing Delaney as well. "Testing early for 'gateway drugs' is a great deterrent for young teens," says Delaney. "As a kid, I can tell you absolutely that the kids who smoke cigarettes lead you to the kids that drink, and the kids that drink lead you to the kids who do drugs." Living through that nightmare is one of the things that makes Kim such a good friend and advisor to her customers when they are having trouble with their own teenagers.

The three Hildreths are passionate about their message. They know their site gives parents some of the tools they need to keep their kids away from cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, because they know first-hand how dangerous and damaging to families those substances can be.