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Thursday, March 15 2018

It‘s not news that a defiant teen will argue about pretty much anything. As parents, we so badly want to believe what they tell us is the truth, but if we feel a need to test, we need to trust the test until we are able to prove otherwise.

These tests promise 99%+ accuracy. In my many years of selling drug-testing supplies, I’ve heard of one instance when I actually believed that the drug, alcohol, or tobacco test might be wrong. These are the same tests used by law enforcement, employers, etc. Occasionally a positive test for a drug that a teen takes by prescription is detected, like Adderall (an amphetamine) for instance, which just means the test is doing its job.

If you come to an impasse regarding a positive result because your teenager convinces you that the result is wrong (in their best shrieking voice), you need to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

Make sure to always reserve the collected urine so that you can use the same urine that yielded the positive test.

First, look under laboratory/drug testing in your local yellow pages (if available), or Google “employee drug-testing lab”. A specialized drug testing lab will be far cheaper than a big reference lab like Quest or Lab Corp. Call to get a price for a non-legal confirmation test for the drug in question, and make sure they will allow you to bring the urine into the lab rather than collect a new one there. Around $35 is standard for this service.

It is important to let your child know that you are spending “a lot” of money to allow him to prove his innocence, and if the confirmation test that you are paying for proves that he is lying, that will be a total game changer! Most confessions occur while the parent and teen are driving the specimen to a lab! Even the worst kids usually won’t take it that far. You will probably hear that it was an accident, or that she was in a car with kids that blew smoke on her, or he accidentally ate a THC candy! 

It is important that you be proud of yourself as a parent that you are taking charge and sticking to your guns. Sometimes dealing with teenagers without an at-home lie detector test can feel impossible. You can get to the truth about drug use. Don’t be afraid of the truth. Sticking your head in the sand will likely just exacerbate the problem.

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