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1 Tobacco Use Detector$6.00
6 Tobacco Use Detectors$30.00
12 Tobacco Use Detectors$54.00
24 Tobacco Use Detectors$90.00
Tobacco Use Detector (Cotinine)
Starting at $6.00

This urine test detects cigarette smoking, vaping and e-cigs, and chewing tobacco with immediate, accurate results. The test will also detect nicotine patches and chewing tobacco. Now you can know the truth and increase your chances of preventing this dangerous habit. Cigarettes are a "gateway" drug. Kids today will tell you "cigarettes lead to drinking, drinking leads to drugging". Research shows that youth who smoke cigarettes are fourteen times more likely to try marijuana as those who don't. Getting a handle on this "gateway drug" as early as possible could be one of greatest things that you ever do for your child.