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Part of what keeps us going are the positive emails and phone calls that we get from our customers. Typically, parents do not share drug testing stories even with close friends and neighbors. We take your confidentially seriously, and we appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for your support. Linzy, Delaney, & Kim

My husband and I had suspected for some time that our son was smoking pot, although I was having a harder time believing it.  We finally ordered a 4-pack of tests from your site and found that not only did it show positive results for marijuana, but also for cocaine.  That lead to a heart-to-heart talk, with consequences, and life has gotten so much better since then.  His personality has changed drastically and the friends that he once hung around with are no longer in the picture.  We continue to test him randomly and he is glad to provide a sample, knowing that he truly is drug free.  Thanks so much for the information that you provide.  It helped our family immensely. Pat

from Tim H.

Thank you Kim,
My son has been "clean" for over 3 weeks now!   He says he is going to stay that way.  We sure hope so.  I'm sure glad you are doing this great service and have this great website.  "The Lights are turned ON!"
Thanks again,
I found your site on the web. My daughter has been addicted to various opiates (primarily),  and while trying to quit, along with counseling, med. treatment, prayer and lots of patience, we test her frequently and believe it or not, she likes it because it helps her to know we are holding her responsible and she can prove when she is NOT using for longer and longer periods of time. All of us can look back and see what we should have done differently and now we know that we should have started testing her years ago. Parents, be aware!!!!
from Georgiana
Dear Hildreth Family,
I just received my first order confirmation from you.  You ask that I let you know how the first test goes - well, I'm sorry to say that my son has already told us that he has been using pot for over one year and other prescription medications for a few months.  He reached out and told us he needed help.  He is in counseling although this only came to be less than one week ago! He's the one that told us about home testing.  He has told us that he stopped using just 7 days ago and wants to tell his friends that his parents test at home without notice.  So, here we are!
With the help of God, all will go well.
Thanks for your website!
from Kathy G.
Thank you, I wish I would have found a site like this three years ago when my son fell victim to the glamorous side of drugs.  Now his sister has shown many of the signs depicted on this site.  I am grateful I can get my hands immediately on the tools that I as a parent will need to stay on top of the situation instead of awaiting results from some test taken at a doctors office, juvenile hall or the probation officers office after the damage has already been done.
Keep up the great work and again, thank you.
Kathy G.

from Becky

Thank you for all that you are doing. Our order arrived quickly, and although I
was fearful that I might get a positive test, or that my 14 year old son might get
mad at me for a lack of trust- but I tested him anyway. Talking about the test
with him opened up a dialogue about drug use, what he had seen, and what his
friends were doing, etc. like we had never done before (so openly and honestly).
I explained to him how I felt, and told him that I would be testing him regularly
for drugs and alcohol. Thank goodness his drug test was negative, but the test
for tobacco use showed that he had been smoking. He said he was only smoking
occasionally with his friends. We came to an agreement that he would pass a
tobacco test every week until I was sure he wasn't smoking anymore before he
could use his PlayStation or go anywhere with friends. I am so grateful that we
have the opportunity to "nip this in the bud". Your tests have made me feel more
"in control" as a parent, and I appreciate it. I will continue to test as long as my
son lives at home with me. He knows now that I will not allow him get swayed
into the drug scene. Thank you, Becky


from Ryan J.

I had suspicions that my daughter might be smoking marijuana with her friends
gotten some friends who made me uneasy.

I tested her after a weekend spending the night away from home.

To make a very long story short, it was positive. To my horror and disbelief,
she has been taking methamphetamines, probably the worst possible thing.

We are seeking treatment for her and are hopeful, since her use seems to have
started only in October.

Thank you very much. This test may have saved her life and future.



from Marcie M.

The drug tests came after only two days. It was negative but the alcohol
was positive. My son had driven home in my car from a football game in
the next town. He got really mad at me for the testing. I'm just glad he
didn't get killed or arrested. I am testing from now on. A boy at his school
killed his friend by driving drunk just this fall. I just want to keep him safe
until he gets a brain in his head.

Thanks again,


from Alison Z.

My mother-in-law sent me a referral from your web page. I really thought
that drug testing my daughter was a waste of money, but I knew I would
be accused of being 'chicken' when my mother-in-law asked if I had
ordered your test. Much to my shock, my daughter was positive for
THC and Benzodiazepines. It turns out that she and her friends have
been drinking, smoking pot, and taking Xanax (they call them t-bars)
on the weekends for some time. My daughter is a popular cheerleader.
I just never even suspected. I realize that the combination of tranquilizers
and alcohol can be lethal, and I am just so thankful we now know more
about our daughter and her 'secret life', and have the opportunity. I am
embarrassed, but that will not stop me from encouraging other parents
to use your products. Thank you so much. Alison Z.

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